Again, why did you neglect your plain duty?' with the rest of'em at the altar rails. The treatment of croupous and diphtheritic cystitis should be similar to what we have already advised in cases of violent and acute Besides the inflammation induced by perforation of the bladder, and manchester by abscesses and suppuration of its walls, another and independent inflammation, which we call pericystitis, sometimes involves the connective tissue which surroimds this organ, and connects it with the adjacent parts. The various forms of cells lining different parts of the respiratory, digestive, and genito-urinary tracts play mainly a protective part for the lymphatic structures beneath. These books of Rattray's have been noticed at greater length than buy their intrinsic importance might seem to warrant.

"If you would stay the plague, take and kill your rats."'"Oh, mad, stark mad!" says he, and wrings his hands. I refer particularly to curettage and examination under anesthesia. The residuum whioli remains on inspissating tar, or boiling it down to PITCHBLENDE. To medell w' simple woundes allenerlie, and on na termes to meddell w' phisik, tumors, hulsors, dislocanes, fractors, nor nothing y' is composit q" he be furder Medicine as qrof he hes knowlege, experience, and pratize." Probably father relationship to the latter he owes kamagra the distinction of being mentioned with a rather sinister allusion in a line of Garth's Dispensary.

Of the London Medical and Surgical Society, held Oc Society has lost one of its earliest and most zealous supporters, and its members a genial and generous Resolved, That we deplore his sudden and untimely end, and ofifer to his bereaved family our most heartfelt Resolved, That these resolutions be entered upon the minutes of the society, published in the Medical Committee. They pointed out the practice of Government in remunerating every other person employed by the Crown in criminal "to" prosecutions.

In many cases of this type the surgeons to-day frequently resort to operation where they formerly would have refused operation because the benefits of subsequent radiation were not then available.

But scientific truth is not modified by the popular belief in nature's magic combinations in the bowels of the earth.


The yoimg brood of the intestinal trichinae now soon (perforate the wall of the intestine, part of them passing into the abdominal cavity, part between the folds of the mesentery to the spinal column, thence to the diaphragm, abdominal muscles, and following the intermuscular connective tissue to the other muscles of the body. May there not have been some I have cured a hysterical patient by a treatment almost purely psydii cal, who for months previously had been fed in through a tube, and carried a canula in her trachea for an equally long period of time. Granulations"e often called fungous when they are too high, England, it is a form of encephalosis; m FUNICULUS (dim. Sternberg, in our own country, discovered this micro-organism in the been demonstrated as present in different forms of pneumonia, such as streptococci, staphylococci, tubercle bacilli, and influenza bacilli.

After The above results show that the enzyme contained in the dried preparation from human pus acts best in weak alkaline solutions, also well The following experiments were performed to show the effect of heat on the enzyme, i.e, to determine the point at which the enzymotic activity is no longer manifested.

The presence of a foreign body alone, therefore, was not sufficient to cause perforation; some other factor must be added. When I opened the abdomen I found a large collection of foul smelling pus, more or less encapsulated by adherent intestinal coils.

A volatile acid contained in train oil or seal oil, and in the Phoceiiin. It is similar colouring matter, formed by adding recently precipitated and moist alumina to a solution of nitrate of cobalt.

Digestion, especially symptoms referable to the stomach, were frequently mentioned by my patients. Conserving the health and strength of mothers means better mothers and healthier babies. Information derived by the x-ray should not hold any more individual a position than do results obtained by microscope, stomach tube or palpation; each is thus placed in its most valuable position as a contributor to the diagnosis. Is frequently found tender to pressure, although not actually painful, this tenderness not being limited to one circumscribed spot, but to a larger area covering the greater part of the gastric region.

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