Many years may elapse between the two attacks, as when a. It falls within the scope of the present article to point out the means commonly employed for the ventilation of sewers, the pneumatic forces which are at work in them, and the means which, in the opinion of the writer, should bo adopted to change the air in them as frequently as It will be found that most of the agencies at work in sewers are variable and alternating in their action, sometimes drawing air into the sewer, and sometimes expelling gas through the same opening. Brighara Hospital tlie physiological point of view of the problem iif treatment in chronic disease, it is evident that tlie patients appreciate its usefulness.' From the large proportion of cases of death in which permission for autopsy is obtained, it has become evident that our ideas are spreading to the relatives of the patients. The chromic acid treatment will however have to be persisted in for from two to four months, and the iodine treatment at least double this period and not unfrequently much longer. That part of a tooth which is bony has nearly the same form as a complete tooth; and hence, when the enamel is removed, it has the same sort of edge or points as the enamel itself. The bowels were cared for by using a pill composed of A pill morning, noon and night. Moreover, he had been a teacher. Herman Elwyn, M.D., of New York City, retired, from New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College and interned at New York Eye and American Board of Ophthalmology and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology' and Otolaryngology, the New York Academy of Medicine, the New York County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the attending physician in allergy at Wyckoff Heights Hospital, an adjunct in allergy at The Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn, and an associate attending physician at Queens Hospital Medical Center. This is so if the injury causes insanity from gangrenous poisoning or otherwise, and the insanity suicide is not the result of discouragement, of melancholy, of other sane conditions, but of The insurance carrier argued that the evidence here showed a sane condition and no symptoms of brain derangement. She became dyspneic and semicomatose about seven hours prior to admission to the Oswego Hospital negative findings except for decreased deep tendon reflexes, some body weakness, and a right neutrophils) per cubic millimeter. The patient complains of flashes of heat, and perhaps the next malegra moment of cold, which may be in circumscribed spots. There are! also a number of cases on record of actual I perforation of the incarcerated stomach, j Despite the fact that in our practices we i are seeing these complications of hiatus medical colleagues assume an unduly casual attitude toward hiatus hernia. A number of corpsmen went to work in the wards buy of the two hospitals which were receiving patients; the rest of the detachment undertook the job of finishing our buildings, unloading equipment, building roads, etc.

But with the unlooked for proportions to which the war has grown, all ordinary relief methods have broken down, while the demand for help has become more urgent than ever. This work of preparation completed the laboratory report was ready showing the nature to of the infection. Reaumur not possessing general knowledge sufficient to direct him in his pursuits, was necessarily confined to what he was most master of, the mere making experiments. It reaches further down upon the inside of the coronoid process than upon the outside, the insertion being continued as low The posterior and inferior edge of this muscle passes over the root of the zygomatic process of the temporal bone as over a pulley, which confines the action of the muscle to that of raising the low r er jaw more than if its fibres had passed in a direct course from their origin to their insertion. ' to be relied on are; The presence of pain in the back,' developed or increased by pressure over the whole or' part of the spine; excentric symptoms, affecting chiefly; sensibility, but to a slighter extent the motility also, of I parts of the body receiving their nerve-supply from the: affected portion of the cord, and various visceral disturbances already mentioned; the changeable character of the symptoms and the fluctuations in the course of the disease; and finally, the want of proportion between the severity of the subjective and the mildness of the objec,Jective symptoms. After various trials I am thoroughly convinced that no local treatment has the power to prevent pitting of the skin.

Having taken some of the eggs from under the same hen, where the chick was about three parts formed, I were addled I found the heat not so high by two degrees; so that the life in the living egg assisted in some degree to support its own Is the increase of three or four degrees of heat, which is the difference found between the fowl and the quadruped, for the purpose quadrupeds; and it would probably have been less if the heat of the Finding, from the above experiments, that fowls were some degrees warmer than that class commonly called quadrupeds (although certainly'less perfect animals), I chose to continue the experiments upon the same principle, and made the following upon those of a still inferior order. The over-all incidence reported by other clmics throughout the per cent as the incidence at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


The Harvard Dental School anil had ijractiscd his profession in Southbridge for many years.

The first step in this series of reactions leading to protein formation is the enzymatic activation of the carboxyl groups of the amino acids by ATP to form enzyme-bound The evidence leads to the generalization that each individual amino acid is activated The next portion of the reaction sequence is the transfer of the activated amino acid to the low molecular weight ribonucleic acid (sRNA) of the soluble moiety of the Evidence for this reaction has been obtained by following the incorporation of radioactively labeled activated amino acids into amino acid-sRNA complexes by enzymes present in the soluble supernatant fraction and that this grouping is an obligatory feature for the attachment of all amino acids so far tested. This shows an intimate connection between the morbid action going on in the kidney and upon the surface. The galvanic reaction is reduced or absent on are to be diagnosed at the early stage it is of the utmost importance that otologists should thoroughly examine all cases of unilateral (i) Acquired syphilitic neurolabyrinthitis by the history and the Neuritis of the cochlear or vestibular (or both) divisions due to arsenical poisoning.

The sympathetic branches, in other words, contain, in addition to secretory fibres proper, also vaso-constrictor fibres REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Induration of the neighboring glands is always present in chancre. To correct hernia, elevate hips, stretch tumor to allow blood to escape. An innate obstacle, a mental inadequacy in ourselves, seems to exist, which again and again makes us revert to an uncritical worship of our old heroes, great discoverers, inspiring events, no matter hnw nuich cold reflexion, or contrary scientific evidence ha.s done toward modifying the traditional picture. We will thus be saved great confusion, as well as the loss of the numbers themselves. If it seems all right, keep child on crutches with high shoe without cast. Despite the fact that there are so many books on similar subjects, I have found this book of great value in illuminating clearly the road to emotional completely, no one fully outgrows the many long For the general practitioner, medical student, and others who are seeking a better understanding of the factors which go into the achievement of emotional maturity, it is a book which can be read Surgical Diseases of the Chest. One variety of simple goitre, namely, the goitre of adolescence, though rarely requiring surgical treatment, is worthy of special mention because of its frequent occurrence. Mechanical contrivances against sea-sickness, as tight belts, swinging beds, the Bessemer saloon, and the project of affording greater amplitude by connecting two or four vessels after the manner of a catamaran, have A course of exercise in a swing, with a view to preparing for a voyage, has proved as futile as the habit of taking medicine previously to embarking. And now we ask in the name of common honesty, if the man who entertains such opinions as these, can practice his profession without involving himself in a most criminal or stultifying contradiction at every step of his career? Can he continue to pursue a vocation, who believes that the principles necessarily invoked in the discharge of its duties are untrue, without compromising his character as an honorable man? Does not justice, fair dealing and consistency demand an immediate surrender of his diploma, with all the privileges, prerogatives and emoluments appertaining thereto, by that member of the profession who has.

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