Most of the studies have been done with light microscopy in buy susceptible relatives of patients with malignant hyperpyrexia. Female mice given the high dose of Axid significant increases in hepatic carcinoma and hepatic nodular hyperplasia with no numerical increase seen in any of the other dose groups The rate of hepatic carcinoma in the high-dose animals was within the historical control limits seen for the strain of mice used. Aims, heated air was supplied during decompression, which he believes contributed to the comparatively low rate of illness in that work. I have done nothing"' Is that all that you arc going to do for htm, Doctor?'"'Yes, all for the presenL Don't you remember what John Hunter said to Dr. "Lady Hakkett said tbat as the subject was now engaging nuicli attention among the lay public it was very important lor medical women to think out tbeir own views. Gamble, Biochemical Research Laboratory") He was told that Dr. Whether it is contagious or not has never been determined. Doctor Viste spoke at the December meeting of the County Society "over" on the State Medical Society's PartnerCare program.

Lead, also, may be eliminated through the sweat glands in very minute quantity, as shown by the black sulphid produced by sulphur vapor baths. In the majority of cases the same symptoms as those of the latter stage of cirrhosis of the liver. The populace and the profession have both caught the spirit for the needs of such an needed is united efforts to place the matter squarely and forcibly past experience that if the hospital is to be built and maintained, it will be through the cooperation of the Christian congregations and churches, and the secret fraternities, for whUe charity, it has removed the landmark so remote that charity does not enter very largely into its consideration.

Marples, Topeka, Chairman Larry R.

Beal, Editor Teething in Infancy: A Part of Normal zytenz Development jt. They must be decreased gradually. In one case the scapula was involved; in another case the head of the tibia was invaded by counter extension from advanced growth of the femur, apparently spontaneous fractures of three metacarpal bones. Kaplan is you a rehabilitation physiatrist and a fellow of the Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This dual role was beneficial, but it also led me to comparisons of cattle and humans as patients. The resistance of the horse is terrible, and it is but common prudence to guard against the effects of it. Too little as well as too great exjDOSure to extremes of heat and cold has a tendency to create disease; in the one case it causes disease, in the other it renders man or animal more liable to it. With its endlessly fascinating museums, art galleries, churches "can" and palaces, Roman gardens and fountains.

Following antisepsis came asepsis; then the closure of the abdomen in stages, the decreasing need of drainage, the use of buried sutures, the individualization of cases, the numerous studies in surgical physiology, etc.


His skin recurrences are situated further away from the site of removed by his operation shews that his removal of the deep fascia is at its minimum along the inner, and along the lower and outer sides of the breast, situations at which skin nodules developed in at the least five of his eight cases.

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