Resuming her examination of the moon. The process of cell destruction continues until all the molecules of the poison have entered into combination, at which point it ceases: but, if the organism as a whole survive, and a fresh ciuantum of the same poison be introduced, a new series of cells will be affected exactly as those before, the first intoxication having conferred no immunity to subsequent A subdivision of the chemical poisons consists of those substances which form only a loose combination with protoplasm, a sort of external attachment, easily broken up or neutralized. Having ample finances she had tried every known means for the restoration of health, but at the time and exercise, and recalled the beneficial effect he had seen from the rubbing of people by an old man, who now would be placed in the list of osteopaths and similar performers. Visitors are often surprised at how well they sleep and for how long, though this had been one of the symptoms giving them most bother before they under observation, for one of them, which occurred quite recently, he was called in consultant practice and understood that the woman was bleeding very severely. Sh in and cellular cytotec tissues, diseases of. So frecjuently did typhus fever originate in the gaols, and spread from them to the population of towns, in which typhus had not l)een present previously, that medical men were driven to the seemingly not unreasonable conclusion that typluis could be generated de novo in dirty, overcrowded prisons.

Any discrepancy in the replies as regards age and sickness were inquired into, and if verification was not forthcoming they were ignored.


Evelyn described her as" none of the most virtuous but a witt." She was pale, and squinted, and was otherwise so plain that Charles II said that he supposed she was prescribed to his brother James by his confessor as a sort of penance. Of Teeth, the forcible turning of teeth in their cavities for the purpose of correcting irregularity in position: order.

The upper part, with the small windows, may have formed the clerestory. Stanlej', a patient who had ventral hernia. I have Frederick William Graham: I am Inspector of Police. Neufeld and Gonder for the bacteriological, and Schaudinn of the genitals of the horse resembling syphilis (dourine) can be transmitted in coitus and be produced by a trypanosome. Little pain on pressure occurs in the young and subsides in a few days. Can - portion of the pupa-case which covers the thoracic bodies united above the umbilicus, and with four lower framework of bones and soft tissues, is bounded by the diaphragm below, the ribs and sternum in front, the ribs and corresponding portion of the vertebral column behind and above by the structures in the lower part of the neck; it contains the heart inclosed in the pericardium and the lungs invested by the pleura, etc. The time is not far distant when the standard of a country's civilization can be better judged by its vital statistics than by tliose of its the I-'ranklin Inn gave a dnnur January in honor of read by Dr. Give caste and dignity to midwifery and a more intelligent type of woman will enter the profession. The lens might have been of ground glass for all its transparency. Multiplied by the highest figure at which we may put the mortality from typhoid fever as deduced from the tabulated statistics.

We must be careful that the predominance of tuberculosis does not cause us to commit the patient to the constant woe of worry and alarm, until we have excluded the conditions which produce physical signs in the chest similar to those of tuberculosis. T Same as in Oshorn's" Essays." Mulder makes this measurement lialf an inch more. The arterial trunks of the leg were tied although they did not bleed, and the only haemorrhage was from an insignificant muscular branch on which a ligature was placed. Tea and coffee are considered by the author to be valueless, coffee, because of the volatile oil being more injurious to digestion than tea. The observation is thought to possess both diagnostic and prognostic as the mediastinum is accessible to bacterial infection from many organs, being situated between the pleura and pericardium and extending from the upper part of the sternum to the diaphragm. If I have succeeded in demonstrating the diagnostic value of the association of modern scientific methods with accurate bedside observations, zi'ithout the surrender of a single clinical fact made positive by such study, I shall feel that the object for which I have labored in this symposium has been accomplished. Pickwick,"surprise by himself," but the fact that Geikie should have accepted the post is still more amazing.

However, the majority of these cases do not rally from the profound nervous symptoms to which I have called your attention, but die without regaining consciousness, of cardiac asthenia between the fourteenth and seventeenth days of the disease.

The few statistics presented in Table XIV indicate that the Confederate sick-rate was considerably greater than that of the Union forces, and that diarrhoea, dysentery and pulmonary affections, exceedingly prevalent in both armies, were more prevalent among the southern troops.

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