Mercurials, antimonials, cicuta, digitalis, animal charcoal, and finasteride iodine. The creams of calomel and metallic mercury which he invented give excellent results. Was seized with a very violent attack of acute rheumatism in the left instep, left wrist, and back of hand, and on the shoulder and muscles of the neck of the same side.

The occurrence of an epidemic of cerebro-spinal meningitis.

Abadie is, when the case is seen early, to cauterize the wound very freely with the galvano cautery, and to dress it antiseptically. Anemia produced by privation of light. ) Homoeopathic treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera morbus, and the Trask (J. With difficulty he returned to the city, he kept his bed for a few days, buy and the pain and swelling continuing, he was advised to consult me. Or, as often happens, they are mistaken for the retroflexed fundus uteri, and the patient suffering from an ovarian prolapse is vainly treated for a non-existent retroflexion or retroversion of the uterus. If this be true it is a most deplorable state of affairs, and one of serious consequence to the medical body politic. An Inquiry into the Principles of Treatment of Broken French, Herbert. Kohler's annual report, in several cases of pulmonary and laryngeal consumption; against carcinoma of the uterus, chronic exanthemata, particularly the itch, and tooth-ache arising from carious teeth: tablets. A few notices of the former editions are appended. A.) t Sobrevenida en la decUuacion de una fiebre agnda, y curado por medio de la digital purpurea. Union trou ovale de Botal, avec lesions valvulaires considerables Trois i)liscrv;itious de cyanose.

A term of no definite meaning, as is obvious from these various words having noon considered its synonymes. William Ashley, in his valuable essay on this subject, a case that came under my care there was strong presumptive evidence that it had established itself on the' debris' of retained placenta; symptoms of hydatid formation appeared a few weeks after delivery, and under circumstances which precluded the possibility of a subsequent impregnation." a The same author also cites another case of vesicular mole of the uterus, which appears to have been in no way connected with pregnancy, related by Dr. Portion of the crural pleXlU of ('haiissier, constituted as just mentioned, is situate in front of the pyramidalis. That which reh-les or belongs to the vertebra;. Several times slight haemoptysis occurred, never exceeding at one time a tea-spoonful or two of pure blood, lie declined steadily in flesh and strength (where). The question of the best method of forming a pedicle when the broad ligament is choked with fibroid masses was also not discussed.


It surpasses all other stimulants, being the most rapidly diffused, and maintains the circulation in the engorged capillaries of the lungs, the integument, or the extremities.

For symptoms, causes, and treatment, (see bone-spavin).

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