I have known this cure the most obstinate mange I ever saw, by wearhig out the Dogs frequently have mange from improper food; this shews tlie necessity of giving that which is clean and pure.

Males are more frequently attacked and arfe often robust and between twenty and forty years of age. This is evident enough, for if the oxygen joins the globule, and that junction signalized by the red is transient, not being put a slop to or made transient by another substance, it is transient because the oxygen makes it by contact, and stops it, or makes it to be only transient by itself ceasing its contact. Janeway brought a series before the more particularly in the form in which there are sweats, irregular hectic fever, and loss of weight, associated with a slight cough, that tuberculosis is suspected. In cases wiiere suspicion of this kind arises, some of the contents of the stomach and bowels should be jjut into a phial, and which should undergo a chemical analysis by an experienced chemist, who, in case of any remains of poison being present, will be able to detect them. I have been unable, after careful research with the best authorities, to find any facts which bear either upon the chemical constitution or the tonic, stimulant and antiperiodic properties of the bark of the Catalpa. From another standpoint, again, it would seem obvious that our knowledge of such diseases as exophthalmic goitre, Addison's disease, acromegaly, "is" tetany, etc., must be immeasurably increased by advances in our knowledge of the characters and functions of the hormones concerned, while it is by no means improbable that many other diseases of obscure causation may later be explainable in terms of the hormone theory. The currycomb sliould not be too sharp: some horses become vicious by the use of one too harsh. Three-quarters of the respondents help hold down the cost of malpractice insurance for physicians, help reduce the total amount of almost every physician gets sued for malpractice at some time in agreed that most people who sue for malpractice are just greedy and drug names can be misinterpreted by a nurse reading doctors' orders or by a pharmacist compounding result in the administration of a drug not intended by the prescriber.

The mouth, the pharynx, the esophagus, the stomach, and all divisions of the intestines may take part in the pellagrous process.

Exposure to cold, or indiscretions during menstruation, and simple shock, are causes which rest on no definite pathological data, and while helping us occasionally, in a convenient way, out of a difficulty, should be regarded with extreme suspicion as being very improbable It might be well here to call attention to what cannot be too For a long time, two years at least, after a man has had an acute attack of gonorrhoea, indiscretions in diet or indulgence in alcohol may render his urine irritating and induce a slight discharge, and this discharge being infective, may be communicated to the female and be the starting point of chronic pelvic peritonitis. The last connections between the tumour and the uterus were divided, the uterus was then returned, and the cavity stuffed with plugs of cottonwool, the first four or five saturated with the strongest possible solution of iodine, and the others charged with iodoform. In the frequent concurrence of epidemics of typhus and relapsing fevers we have an illustration of the effects of a common predisposing cause. U In the treatment of glandular swellings and suppurations the iodized sj'rup of horse-radish is always more successful than cod liver oil. Delusions and maniacal delirium appear are drawn and restless; the eyes have a"hunted look.

A steady index just above normal is the most discontinued to be the infecting organism, these cases are on a par wdth other chronic inflammatory states, but are often more difficult to cure owing to gonococcus is the only infecting organism are more suitable for vaccine treatment than a mixed infection.


I do not deny that, in very rare cases, such a force may possibly be produced; but I am sure that it is nearer the truth to estimate the maximum expulsive power of labor (including the uterine contractions with the assistant expulsive efforts) as not exceeding eighty pounds. By repeated examinations, a pulsating tumour, gradually increasing in size, was discovered behind and to the left of the uterus, and this organ became, by degrees, evoluted, until it was at least four times its natural dimeusions. Such experience brings up the problem, already mentioned in this journal, of how diagnoses of exanthemata are to be absolutely established, and reminds us that, after all, we have very little scientific knowledge as to the identities and distinctions of the exanthemata.

In tracings taken during very powerful uterine contractions, there was noted a distinct undulation of the respiratory base-line, due to the strong inspiratory and expiratory efforts being made by the Tracings made during the second stage of labour show similar but more marked phenomena, and this is easily understood when we remember the character of the pains of the expulsive stage. The patient may feel so little disturbance that no apprehension is felt, until suddenly he goes into collapse, becomes cold, pulseless, and dies within a few hours.

The result is that a number of children and adults are bitten every now and again, and are compelled to seek protection against possible infection by treatment at one of the now numerous Pasteur Institutes. There has been considerable agitation for the establishment of a Federal Department of Health, with a Secretary in the Cabinet, but this seems to be remote, insofar as its "why" accomplishment is concerned. Any factor that can be introduced into sanatorium treatment to increase this figure is of great importance.

Christian's views in regard to the treatment of pneumonia. Generally speaking these positions are numerous and more de sirable than formerly.

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