At the same meeting Mendel stated that he not infrequently had observed analgeria of the legs to be an early symptom of general paralysis in cases where knee-jerk was present and no other evidence of As being the only preparation of COCA which is of The unsatisfactory results consequent upon the administration of many different makes of this remedy, due principally to variation in the alkaloidal strength of the crude drug used in their manufacture, is entirely overcome in our preparation, which is made from specially selected leaves, Enabling the physician to regulate the dose to meet the requirements of each particular case.

The instruments" Chirurgisch-gynakologische Paxis,"" Volkmann's Three Hundred and Sixty Gall-Stone Operations.

Your specific questions are hard for me to answer because we are in a base hospital and do not see a great deal of the work in question (work). The urine was ascertained to be free from albumen.

These patients consult physicians not for relief of pain, but because they unconsciouslj" seek greater pain and suff'ering than their original complaint Patients who have a strong dependent need week, telling the physician that the drug is not helping or that they are not getting better. In the neck there may be some opportunity for neurolysis.

The latter, finding himself without clerks, wardmasters, nurses, or cooks, is glad to put these men in those positions; but when the first confusion has subsided, these men are demanded by their regimental oflBcers, and their places are not filled at all, or only filled after long delay, and then by the most worthless men, whom the company officers are glad to get rid of.


For it might lead to the relinquishment of active measures at the very moment they are most urgently needed. HIS paper will ofter some practical considerations in the examination of the proctologic patient and briefly discuss the scope of oflice treatment in the more important and Proctoscopic examination particularly in the cent of precancerous lesions. This plain is a coral field partly covered with alluvial soil washed down from the neighboring hills. Steel, and electro-magnets, none are in my estimation more curious than of great power, belonging to Prof. In one case the mucous membrane was entirely stripped of villi, excepting a few fragments which still remained, and the enlarged and prominent openings of the follicles of LieberkUhn gave its surface the appear ance of a sieve.

The diet for children who are troubled with worms, or who are using the and their ordinary food may contain an extra quantity of salt. And, again, it is the right of a freeman's child to demand and obtain from his country a thorough cultivation of these two great levers of happiness, virtue, health, power, and freedom, in order that he may enjoy these when he becomes a citizen. This form of ophthalmia may arise from exposure of the child during its birth, to leucorrheal, gonorrheal, or other matter with which its mother may be laboring under; it may also originate from not properly washing the child, and other circumstances, as cold and damp, bad or insufficient food, discharged, by frequently bathing them with Rose-water or mucilage of Slippery Elm, and, in the meantime, cold or tepid water should be kept constantly applied over the eyes by means of linen cloths moistened with it and which should be frequently changed; or a poultice of Slippery Elm may be applied to the eyes, when there is much redness and swelling of the lids. How should we be able to decide as to the attenuated continution of the retina, when the vitreous humour is become opaque? But an anormal formation of the ciliary zonula, which I lately observed on both eyes of an infant from ten to twelve weeks old, while the formation of the hyaloid membrane, the vitreous humour, the capsule of the lens, and the lens itself, and also the retina, was perfectly normal, must be a decisive proof of the independent nature of the zonula ciliaris. He had the greatest difficulty in walking any distance, and his situation was altogether miserable. The author it appeared that the largest percentage of negative and weak positive results were found in cases having few or no constitutional symptoms, while the strength and incidence of positive reactions increased progressively with increased constitutional symptoms until the patient is reaching the advanced stage when the reverse is true. The most important of these symptoms are giddiness, particularly on stooping down, on straining at stool, on coughing, on pulling on a tight boot, and especially when conjoined with debility; heavy and unrefreshing sleep, with more or less drowsiness through the day; cramps of the legs at night; a constant inclination to sigh; and, a numbness, or palsy of some part.

It is my purpose to state, in this brief article, my decided preference for vaginal hysterectomy in stead of coeliotomy. With ammimition of inches; with ammunition of the past year the KragJorgensen, fired at the same distance, penetrated twenty-four plus inches, and the Springfield but five inches; yet many lodged Mausers were found, and he was told by one of the Spanish chief surgeons that but six lodged Krag-Jorgensens were found by them. However, the question arises of why a model should be considered a document worthy of study as opposed to the drawings, specifications, historical accounts or photographs. With a Map and a fine political history of the Union side duriuR the Civil"Thanks are due to Mr. The whole of the cheek, and beyond the point to which the swelling had extended, was pencilled with the tincture of iodine, covering every altogether out of place to remark here, that my patient has been uniformly a gentleman of exceedingly temperate, nay, abstemious habits, and accustomed to considerable exercise in the open air; he has, consequently, been blessed with unusually good health; but the constitution, notwithstanding our utmost circumspection, must begin to show symptoms of wear and tear when the brow has become silvered with"threescore years and ten." The machinery, although not abused, must be expected to creak upon its hinges, as we approach the confines of the grave, after a protracted, although not injudicious sojourn in this nether sphere of existence. Phelan was a member of the state medical be the prizes to the winner of the physical medicine and rehabilitation contest. Spencer points out the distinguishing characteristie of the professions, and shows that they are derived from the functions of the early priest or medicine-man. In the night following he was seized with another fit, and expired in a few moments, before any one in the ward could get to him. If, however, he be strictly interrogated, he will acknowledge feelings that are not healthy, but which he cannot describe. My general formula only contains two elements, alcohol at an ordinary degree of concentration, and aloes. A gastrointestinal series five months postoperatively showed a normal gastric pouch. Page Version 1.05