No pain or crepitus was found over the clavicle, the acromion was intact, and there was no break about the glenoid cavity. She also had suffered from physicians and surgeons.


Now and then in a medical paper or discussion one hears brief reference to the psychic factor. The carriers spread the disease through the development of habits opposed to the moral standards of the community. Brain-workers, as a class, take less sleep than laborers. It is not the attenuation of the bacillus nor of the toxins which brings about resolution, but the character Microscopical study of an eye with years of age, without definite tubercular history. It has a large, coarse-looking root, accompanied also by the rhizomes The histology of Smilax roots has been studied with The (endogenous) woody portion is collected in a central core, and surrounded with a false bark of thinwalled, parenchymatous, starch-laden cells, of varying, often considerable, thickness. Moreover, it is acknowledged that"in association with enlarged tonsils or adenoids such signs may occur"; the fact that enlarged tonsils and adenoids are more frequent than tuberculosis in children does not deter the writers of this report, however, from urging that"in the absence of any means of definitely interpreting these signs," the"children should be given the benefit of the doubt and they should be kept under observation until a definite diagnosis can be made." But this benefit usually consists in sending the child to a sanatorium or a day camp or ordering that he should report frequently to the clinic for observation, thus missing school attendance and depriving him of an education which usually can never be retrieved.

Obstinate cases of subacute and chronic synovitis I am convinced are best treated by absolute rest, as far as any use of the joint is concerned. Some of the good fellows go on from year to year, throughout a long career, never having a day of financial independence, and with the one consoling thought that medicine is a service, not a business, and that its success is not expressed in dollars and This is, let it be admitted, a great consolation, world and not of it," and who lacks the wherewithal to meet the world's demands.

In five of these the only abnormality was the shghtest possible, trace of albumin.

The case was treated by grinding both of the opposing teeth; for a year or two the case was temporized with until pain and swelling and a local abscess initiated sytemic infection: xanogen. It is the"biochemic" treatment where other treatments had failed.

At operation, the right ovary was under torsion, and on delivery of the uterus, it was disclosed that a large cyst had ruptured. La extensa mineralizacion y la deficiente matriz osea hacen los huesos muy quebradizos, y las fracturas patologicas son de ocurrencia comun. Put direct or saturate a a marked symptom of this drug is"Constant deafness. The conclusion was reached that the pregnancy had been ovarian-abdominal. Lewis Ziegler stated that only within recent years had the interrelation of ocular and nasal lesions been accepted as important factors in the evolution of modem medicine. Such heroic measures, of course, cannot be resorted to when dealing with delicate, susceptible people, invalids, and pregnant women, who make up the larger part of the passenger list of an ocean steamer; so recourse is often had to such drugs as chloral, opium, chloroform, amyl nitrite, and numerous other sedatives, most of which are of little more value than the colored spectacles, supposed to prevent sea-sickness, which were sold in large quantities, a few years since, by an enterprising individual in Cadiz to Spanish soldiers embarking for Cuba. Huebner Applications of pure perchloride of iron The suffering which the applications cause is most intense, but three or four are sufficient to vanquish the disease. The growth was relieved, the cervix assumed its contour, and the uterus diminished in size and receded to its normal position in the pelvis. After the animal dies or is killed (in from four to six weeks), a tuberculous nodule is cut out with the greatest possible aseptic precaution and rubbed up in a sterilized glass dish, and introduced into tubes of blood-serum. This case illustrates how important the repeated examinations of the cerebrospinal fluid may be, for the recurring pleocytosis under mercury served as an indicator of the necessity for salvarsan.

A correct diagnosis was, in fact, made by Mayne and by Glasgow, in their respective cases an abnormal intra-thoracic venous communication, perhaps with an aneurism; andGallard in his first case (XI.), as well as in that reported by Bonnarel (XV.), diagnosed an aneurism of the aorta, and discussed the probability of there being a communication between it and the superior vena cava.

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