At the present we do not possess a clear understanding of the factors involved in the development of this condition or of the methods of determining its presence pre-operatively. The degree of suffering, physical and mental; the pain and discomfort endured; the disturbing elements in social life; the severing of domestic ties, and the propagation of weakness and disease, often have their origin in the diseased organs and the preverted use of feelings and faculties designed for the creation of the race, and the happiness and well being of mankind. It was the aim of this meeting to express the deep and common concern of both the Labor and Rehabilitation movements with the vast amount of unmet rehabilitation needs of disabled persons in communities throughout the nation, and to seek, through intensive discussion by leaders from both fields, the improvement of rehabilitation services to working people.

Because of the increasing number of Poison Control Centers and because of the growing number of products placed in consumer circulation, coordination of the activities of the Poison Control Centers seemed necessary, and accordingly in States Department of Health, Education and Welfare. We cannot estimate the extent of the systemic effects of a lesion in the spine. Skill in detecting varying degrees of density and hardness is an absolutely essential qualification of the diagnostician.


Arsenic in the various painful neuroses included under the name gastralgia. He has fallen like many noble spirits before him, while in the faithful discharge of his duty, too forgetful of self: xzen.

The left heart showed lesions of chronic endocarditis; the mitral valves were thickened, contracted, fibrous at their base, reddish and vegetating towards their free margins; the aortic valves were thickened and contracted. Such results must afford unmingled satisfaction to the practitioner who has long found croup and diphtheria among the most stubborn and treacherous enemies he has been obliged to meet. One teaspoonful in water three times a In addition to the internal remedy, the patient is also given hypodermic injections from the solutions that the physician deems the patient requires.

Possibly the cathartic could have played a part in the instigation of acute bleeding. Dissection of these joints discloses the existence of the same structures exist in the sacro-iliac articulations, naturally classifies these joints as having possible mobility.

Vertebrae take on the character of the lumbar, hence rotation is practically impossible. In conclusion, the committee desires, in behalf of The society voted to accept the report of the committee and after a full discussion it was decided to embody its conclusions in the following resolutions: units for the first injection, to be repeated in from eighteen to twenty-four hours if there is no improvement; units, to be repeated as above mentioned il' nei a second dose is not usually required. When two spines will usually be sensitive to digital pressure.

Sale - again,.sometimes when the liquor potassfe and the copper sulphate have been added to diabetic urine a precipitate does not readily fall.

These symptoms are much severer in ascending a mountain than in rising in a balloon, in consequence of the great fatigue from motion.

We have treated quite a considerable number of diabetic and glycosuric cases with the waters of Springs treatment to the end, with a perfect cure for a result; in others, with marked benefit; always relying upon condition usually attending such cases. Luxated lens could be dangerous without the zonular iris, only in the lower portion, to facilitate tumbling of the lens. Neither microscopists nor clinicians, however, should consider themselves infallible; in doubtful cases, unquestionably, the microscope should A upon to determine the intimate nature of a By FREDERICK HOLME WIGGIN, M.I' During the last few years, differences of opinion have been so great as to the proper method of treating retrodisplacements of the uterus which give rise to symptoms, by operative measures, that reports of cast cially those treated by the more recent procedures, are of interest, and will be useful in helping us to form an opinion as to the best method for relieving this, at tin: woman, twenty-seven years of age, was admitted to ago she hail had a child, the labor being normal in all respects.

The skin is red, the face flushed, the heat agreeable, the pulse quick and strong, and some delicate persons are so much affected as to be subject to faintings.

The author thereafter goes most lucidly into such subjects as for the caustic action of certain drugs, medicines which have actions upon the penstatic movements of the alimentary canal and the muscular walls of the heart, medicines which have actions on the processes of inflaramation, on absorption, on the secretary action of the kidneys, etc., this work what cannot be said of very many others, it is so intere-sting that once the University of Glasgow; Pathologist to the Western Infirmary and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Gla.sgow. If this man's life had been prolonged for a sufBcient length of time, the tumefaction would have continued to expand before the ceaseless pressure and impulse of the blood, until finally a pouch-shaped or sacculated aneurism of the thoracic aorta would have been produced.

The operation, at the climax of the application of the corrective force, is characterized by a popping sound. Throughout this work the writer received the utmost assistance from the J. In certain medical circles there is a regular name for men who practise these tricks on the victims of paragraph in its New York letter:" Dr. He said he had seen examples of all these conditions.

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