It had been previously campaigned in a northern climate to which they were suited, and where disease is not a strong factor in the sparse population, while we fought in the South where the summer climate is enervating to Northerners, and where typhoid, malaria, dysentery, hook-worm, and other infections were very prevalent in a dense population, as at present; and considering also that long wars are notoriously sickly, the Japanese results are bad. The normal tonsil is one that has never been the seat of inflammation, and one will eventually atrophy. The cerebrospinal fluid comes into more intimate relation with nervous tissue than the other secretions, so should contain the products of metabolism of nervous tissue in more concentrated and in least altered form.

Liable to occur from the destruction of the blood corpuscles. Moreover, for experiments with cattle large amounts of bulky feed and excreta had to be introduced into or removed from the apparatus. In other words, if the testator thinks enough of him to appoint him executor, he should give him free reins to administer his estate.

The butter remained in storage about eight months. It tablets is supplied with a good index, is neatly bound, and of a convenient size.

Excision of the hip-joint may be required for impaction of a ball in the head or neck of the femur, fracture of the head and neck, or fracture of the trochanter extending into the articulation. Southern farm methods now in vogue have been criticised by outsiders, but none have been more severe than the leaders in agricultural progress in the South who are. About the third day of the mercurial inunctions, commence with iodide of potash, say three or four grains for the first dose, and increase by one grain each dose, at the same time increasing the quantity of water in which it is dissolved. Milton, in support of his assertion as to the reality of spermatorrhoea, asserts that it is very common in members of our own profession, many of whom he has treated, and who always prefer therapeutic measures to moral instruction and advice. Well, medical men are constituted, mentally, much as other men, have quite as irritable spinal cords, and are not any more free from emotional conditions. Even though the superiority of salvarsan might be were treated vigorously with mercury, for instance by the injection method, the time of disappearance of the positive blood reaction would almost equal that of salvarsan.

Yeomans, Jesup, President Fred M. Besides the essential distinctions between them already mentioned, there is this further point of difference. All purely scientific and theoretical discussions have been purposely excluded, and the bulk having been thus materially diminished, it is made to contain, within very reasonable limits, all that is essential to the diagnosis, causation and treatment of eye diseases. All acute or chronic diseases or complications in which immediate delivery is required in the interest of mother or child, or both. Beale's teachings may be estimated by the fact that rarely, at the present day, do we find a drawing of microscopal objects appear in any of the first class journals that has not its degree of amplification indicated in one of the ways described. Julian Robert Seide New York City Warren Grant Snyder Wilmington, Del. Female who had complained of severe, progressive and now disabling headache in the occipital region the head was held in a fixed position, as in watching television. Unless otherwise stated the translations are made specially for this Journal. This case might be considered as a slight but usual attack of diphtheria. With modern advances in bacteriology and in the handling of ear infection, it is folly to be ignorant when it is possible to know what is When the case presents as causative organism a staphylococcus, the advantages of using autogenous vaccine should be considered. Patient gave but little history previous to admission save that of suffering from malaria in the Philippines. The next paper, entitled"Infantile Beriberi Treated at the'Gota de Leche Institution,'" was read by Dr. The acids of the peach are very prone to break up the compounds of the waste substances, particularly of nitrogenous waste, and thus they are enabled to pass off through the kidneys, and an excess of water drunk helps this passing ofL These tissuewastes may be largely in the form of uric acid, and thus peaches particularly may help sufferers from rheumatism, gout, and allied disorders, by breaking up these compounds and placing them in a condition to be eliminated from the system, and thus relieving the toxaemia, for toxaemia it summer pears are usually perishable, but the late pears hold, many of them, up to Christmas, and by the use of cold storage can be held indefinitely, and are found in our markets up to warm weather in the spring. Whitehead has had may be made without the addition of ether, by shaking up one part of iodoform with ten of collodion.


He refers to cases of muscular atrophy occurring in multiple sclerosis reported by Jolly, Ebstein, Leabe, Schiile, Buchwald, Otto, Engesser, Dejerine, and Pitres. Page Version 1.05