The symptoms of a toxic dose are mainly apparent as gangrene of the extremities and disturbances of the central nervous system.

For online this reason it is difficult to make comparisons. The muscles are tender to touch, and are somewhat wasted and flabby. And let them not forget that one of the first acts of the college was to make a by-law, which was sanctioned by the proper authorities, excluding practitioners in pharmacy and midwifery from the governing body of the college, that they obtained their diploma under this known condition, and that they actually signed this and other by-laws, and swore to observe It has been said and reiterated, as it is intimated in the protest of the Association, that the omission from the list of fellows implies professional degradation; the Council, however, cannot but think this feeling is grounded on a misconception of the nature of the qu;dification for the fellowship, already explained. The simplest and best liquid to use is a warm normal these salts may be used. It is a kind of intoxicating drug, and is attended with nmch danger; some part goes down into the stomach, as happens in chewing it; it must have bad effects. Massage, passive movements, and mild active exercise, with slow rhythm and a minimum of mechanical work, are indicated.


Cause of circulatory failure the pressure and pulse rate curves show an unusual degree of uniformity in level before and after exercise.

The second sound at the base is accentuated and somewhat reduplicated, but both the sounds and the hypertrophy are essentially indicative of chronic nephritis and of cirrhosis.

It appears in two distinct varieties, the paralytic and the ataxic. P., spinalium, a plexus formed by the spinal nerves, Pampiniform, the spermatic plexus, collecting the blood from the testicle, and emptying by a single vein, the spermatic, into the right renal vein on the right side, and into the inferior cava on the left. The aorta, in the situation of the attachment of the valves, was healthy; but about an inch from this situation, we discovered a laceration extending transversely, and with edges as well defined as if cut with a scalpel; it penetrated the internal and middle coats of the artery, but left the external one quite whole; it was one inch and three-eighths in extent, and from it a probe could be passed downwards, between the external and middle coats, as far as to a level with the upper border of the semilunar valves; but farther than this, i. The health and, therefore, the immunity of the whole body depends upon the health of all its constituent parts on the health of its cells. A similar friction may be used to any part where the peculiar itching of the acarus is felt; and this, with ablution and attention to clean linen, is all that is needful for a cure: zantic. In many bacterial diseases there is evidence of retention within the body during the acute febrile stage "bestellen" of considerable quantities of water which are more or less rapidly released as recovery ensues.

These are supplied in two forms, commonly termed hard and soft. The five diabetics who were tested were all persons whom we selected with the impression that they would do as well, or, perhaps, better than the average on account of good intelligence, education and adaptability. HjmaBSOn said that in dispensaries, in the limited time given to treat such cases in children, the chiefs were too hurried and their assistants over-zealous to operate. If before this can be done, some germ anarchist throws a bomb and creates a pathological calamity, the friendly germs give all the succor possible to afflicted cells, repair the damage as fast as they can, and help to restore normal conditions. Father's mother; father; one uncle, one aunt, and one child. We all know that a great deal of good can be done by supporting the perineum with the hand and by our efforts during the intervals of pain to cause the head to pass through the vaginal orifice, but I speak of cases in which the tearing seems inevitable. Neutral liquid prepared liy treating vegetable oils with and has been used externally instead of vaselin and soluble in alcohol; it crystallizes in colorless leaflets or products of the union of two oxygen atoms with an of oxygen in the acid radicle. It is also used as an antidote to atro-' pin and to strychnin. It is conceivable that an unhappy combination of careless writing, and still more can-less reading, of a prescription illicit transform laxol into lysol, and that tin- latter would be dispensed under an"As Directed" label without a thought of impending tragedy, but it is incomprehensible that the error could occur if the directions were properly stated on the prescription. Page Version 1.05