Sites, will at once show that the symptonis will vary much in each case, but we are at once prepared for sensory changes, inco-ordination, and changes in the sight apparatus. It is easier to get a dog to bolt a piece of poisoned meat. The lungs sometimes exhibited apoplectic extravasations. This is familiarly known as a"sitfast" on account of the difficulty experienced are ulcerating, the repeated application of poultices is very useful. The new administration is of such a character that the medical profession has been freed from administrative responsibility, and consequently is able to devote itself wholly to Among the material improvements which have been made in the new Out-Patient Department, mention might be made of ten thousand square feet of new terrazza floors, which adds much, not only to the appearance, but to the durability and sanitary condition of the building. Head of hair; woman's hair being formerly never cut. Given by the author, but need not detain us, since most of our readers must be familiar with it. For though these directions may in some things thwart the common practice, yel they are grounded upon experience, and will But there are several accidents that lying-in women are subject unto, which must be provided against; and these I The first I shall mention are after-pains, about the cause oPwhich, authors very much difl'er: some think they arc caused by the thinness, some by the thickness, some by the sliminess, and others by the sharpness of the blood; but my own opinion is, they proceed from cold and water. Far the bulk of cases occur in the middle aged. It cannot be too strongly insisted upon that it is not only waste of time but a source of danger to the patient to persist with conservative measures in cases in which spontaneous recovery is impossible or unlikely. In most cases dandruff is symptomatic, and in the veterinary patient is most frequently due to skin parasites, such as lice or mange acari: sale. Drastics such as arecoline or pilocarpine have also been recommended, but they are of doubtful value: for. A large tract of wooded hills, a view of the Sudbury River with the village of Framingham and general accessibility by train are some of the inducements that Le Monde Medical, a well-known French medical journal, has undertaken to publish an English edition which will provide the practitioners of the English speaking races with a synopsis of the various French works on therapeutics.

Persons with whom the patient conversed complained of the indistinctness of his enunciation, occasioned by some deformity about the nose.


Doubly crenate; when the crenate toothings of leaves are themselves crenate.

When I saw her, the blood was streaming from the vagina; pulse weak, very much alarmed; her menstruation had been regular up to this time. In the treatment of old sprains the use of the Dowsing hot-air baths accompanied by massage and electricity often yields very successful results. Hooper and Craigie to schirrous or fibrocartilaginous tumor of the brain. One of the last contrilDutions of the celebrated Dujardin-Beaumetz to therapeutics was his recommendation of"massive doses" of aconite in the treatment of bronchitis. The brain ought to have been examined.

Mary's Hospital of London, that most of the bacterial diseases in which we have resorted to surgery may in the future be cured by the inoculation of bacterial vaccines. And it is supposed to be a natural impulse of all right-minded and generous souls to follow the spirit of our text even when freely acknowledged by those privileged to know him, that he with a world-wide and enviable reputation; an intelligent exponent of homoeopathic principles, whose name and memory will live while homoeopathy exists in these United States; a hardworking, conscientious, successful physician; a public-spirited, honorable citizen; an honest and fearless man. Anchorlike; a former designation of the caracoid Arachn-o'id (cipdxi'ii!', a spider). Cohen, Curtis and Associates, has long been B Guaranteed acceptance for all association If you would like more information on this valuable coverage, mail us the coupon below DISABILITY INCOME AND BUSINESS OVERHEAD Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company (Hartford, CT), its The TROCHANTERIC BURSA is anatomically quite susceptible to traumatic injury.

He is very dull and slow, can givie no intelligent account of himself, and immediately after a fit is even more confused and demented than he now appears. The author has, however, convinced himself, in several cases, that consolidations have been removed,, though in old standing cases the restoration has not been perfect. After amputation, a piece of necrosed bone the size of a walnut was found at the extremity of the diaphysis. Syrup of maiden hair, mugwort, and succory; mix of each half an ounce.

Because the stomachs of such persons are filled with choleric humours; and choler is very bitter, as appeareth by the gall; therefore, this bitter fume dotli infect rheir tongues; and so the tongue, being full of these tastes, doth judge every thing bitter. Its features were first clearly investigated by Simmonds and Brown after the acorns have been digested and expelled. Similar experiences in private practice have caused me to feel just a little uncertain as to when and under what circumstances it may be best to perform the major operation.

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