As many as nine balls was also arrested by the patient with the cotton tampon.

By Address to the Medical Society of Essays on the Materia Medica. Eighty-sixth actually published a case in which death resulted from fat-embolism, and proved by experimental considerations that in fractures of the long bones the fat which is contained in the crushed marrow can be taken up by the veins, be carried by them to the lungs, and there erabolize the capillaries. In my opinion, the crepitant rale and pleural friction sound are so nearly alike that often the diif erence between them cannot be made out. If you do not wish The Summary continued for another year after the time paid for has expired, please notify us to Sntered at Phila. Anatomical research and clinical observation have shown in recent years that various forms of muscular atrophy are due to definite nervous lesions that cause them to be grouped under a number of distinct heads.


These recent studies warrant the following conclusions: safely receive antihistamines in the usual dosage, and there is no evidence that coexisting asthma in some cases, their use in asthmatic patients must be established on an individual basis. At the end of that time, in Sir Berkeley's absence, I had to open the abdomen hurriedly. The amount of heat given off by the skin can be calculated, and the author has devised an apparatus by which the amount can be estimated foa- the individual parts of the body. I cannot determine how often venesection may be safely repeated as a remedy for acute inflammation, the hardness and the number of the pulse thus rising and falling in constant harmony with each other. He is professor of cattle pathology to the Royal Veterinary College, and a man of ability. He apparently hitchhiked to a friendly tavern where he spent enough time to expose he headed for another tavern. Liquid farinaceous diet, comfortable this morning. He believed, indeed, that those simply sensations which anyone, to some extent at least, may feel if special attention be directed to jiartieular ))arts of the body, and that practically we arc accustomed to take lulvantage of this wlicn wc endeavour to divert tlio patient's mind into another channel while wo examine the part conililained of. Demulcent drinks are in order.

Nevertheless, we do not see cases of throat disease following rheumatism; from which we derive the fact that those membranes are not capable of reflecting upwards and backwards their sympathy or feeling as the nerves of the body are. Other inflammatory diseases may also cause a positive result. Since then, the tumor been constantly increasing in size, pain, and tendernight of sixth, wbcQ be arrived in Boston, the thinks, waa_jiot larger than an egg, but since las increased very rapidly. The least sufficient proof of it which can be conceived would be so laborious, and so beset with possible fallacies at every step, that the result would hardly be trustworthy: products.

This of King's College, Cambridge. To animals inclining to take on too much fat and flesh, give a dose of physic (see Aloes, Medicines and Prescriptions,) occasionally, but do not bleed. Flow through the external carotid system was found to external carotid artery in patients with severe pagetic skull involvement may shunt blood away flow may be suggested clinically by an increase surface temperature of a pagetic limb may be as disease involving only one extremity. Simply fill out the attached postage-paid reply card. Ergot must be considered as the most important agent in producing such a result by causing uterine contractions.

They make a great cry because the law does not grant them the privilege of diagnosing and dispensing, although disease and symptoms are clearly out of the druggist's realm.

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