Rabbits, however, were not affected.

That It was early noticed by ancient Indian writers, who give descriptions of diseases wliich cleariy refer to elephantiasis of the leg and of the scrotum and also less cleariy to lymph scrotum. Hands were washed with each article in sterile water at repeated washings and rinsings were carried out.

In the application of the results of the Widal reaction in diagnosis it has been the custom to warn the clinician that he must be especially careful to exclude the possibility of tuberculosis since a certain percentage of tuberculous persons will give a positive Widal. Schaudinn studied the cytological processes underlying these grosser changes, and found that the trophonuclei were reduced to four chromosomes, while the eight kinetonuclei remain, and, separating from the parent nucleus, form microgametes in the way presently to be described for the development of a male. In every section of a tubercle we find from five to seven of these mysterious objects, which here are doubtless developed in the lumen of superficial capillaries. If it had this effect, then its therapeutic power was greater than had been previously imagined, and could not but be viewed as of great value in uterine cancer (100). At times the frequency with much pain and blood. The right testis was found in the lower end of the inguinal canal, sheathed by a large tunica vaginalis extending down into the scrotum. These productions have formerly been described as ossifications of the brain, and the observations of Howship, as well as the famous case of the fish woman of London, prove that, in human beings, these tumors can take the place of the brain which they drive into the To the other observers, may be added the names of Michon, If we allow the premise that ivory exostosis springs from a mucous membrane, we must allow some conclusions which may It must be admitted, firstly, that these exostoses are free in the cavities in which they take their origin, save their attachment to the Secondly, that they are vascular, cancellated if you like; that their eburnation is a proof of this, as only intense vascular action can produce eburnation and the characteristic quick growth. The instruments iised and the operator's hands was due to aseptic resorption fever and can be differentiated from septic fever, as the animal is bright and eats well in the there was infection, as is illustrated by case No.


A silk ligature was passed around the pedicle of the extruded organ, and at the end of some weeks time, and the secretion of urine being normal. At operation no congenital defect was found, and it was shown to pass between the ribs, which were normal. In this connection, attention is called to the legal requirements of academic and professional education for the practice of work in tlie New York State Veterinary College, with allied departments in Cornell University, are open to graduates of this institution and of Residence in Ithaca is required of all students. Even in those cases where pressure is exercised upon one or other of the venous trunks, or upon the various nerves, and when the corresponding symptoms exist, but where there is no dulness in the region of the sternum, the diagnosis may remain uncertain for a long time. Most of these cases died in a short time, but a few of them of a favorable result. These results taken together have been such as to leave no doubt that in these extracts we have a therapeutic measure of unquestionable value in the treatment of certain phases of the disease in man.

There was nothing else abnormal in the patient's At the Dermatological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, quite complete. This were also roughly divided into two groups one of which was to receive only autogenous vaccines and the other stock preparations. We sent for a battery and used that.

Again bled to syncope; other means escaped, and a collapse of the eyeball was the consequence; this was attended with immediate relief; the discharge gradually diminished, and the man shortly after was dismissed, although of course with the irreparable loss of the organ. In the chapter on cataract, the author takes very decided ground in favour of Graefe's peripheric linear operation; although, in common with most operators of the present day, he, while adhering to the essential principles laid down by its originator, places his incision a little further forward in the cornea. Because of the wide distribution of gland tuberculosis its benign nature has often received comment. Dermatographia is common in Europeans.

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