A PRACTITIONERS EXPERIENCE 100mg WITH INTRAVENOUS SODIUM IODIDE-MERCURIC NITRATE THERAPY IN ACT I NOMYCE S-BOVI S INFECTION. Then again, the removal of the air by a channel in the floor seems to us preferable, especially as there is a device for the admission of fresh air in the upper part of the wards. The pressure bandage is used for walking always in the first two weeks. When the foreign body is of any large size, the shadows are larger; and the parallax, if drawn, becomes a band of parallel lines, all parallel to the base.

"If, however, in an attack coming on after quinine, the parasites continue to develop, quinine should be given, despite the slight possibility of its injurious action. Had I not been acquainted with the father, it is possible that I might have mistaken the origin of the daughter's condition. The first two nights I like to give five grains of calomel, combined with the improved pluto water or some other saline. Hence they indignantly refused to endorse the proposals of the Council to sell them ten Fellowships annually for a small financial consideration, as well as to simplify the nature of the examination.

One year ago, this girl, who is now fourteen years of age, menstruated for the in her sleep and walk around the house.

.We always find them in the affections mentioned; cultivated in pure state and inoculated in animals susceptible to the diseases they will produce the original affection, the particular organism being invariably present. The number of persons who now devote themselves to science is so great that it may well be that the number of those whose work entitles them to recognition by the Royal Society has increased in a ratio at least equal to the increase in the applications. From a consideration of these four elements, it is quite apparent that this branch of education cannot be carried out under the present staff of teachers.


Soluble Sulphur Compound broadly useful in dermatology and gynecology.

The pins are also employed long well-tempered lady's bonnet-pins. Sometimes they are words not found in any language, and sometimes they are words in use, but to which the patient seems to attach no definite meaning. The actual technique follows fairly closely that of the Wassermann reaction, as performed by Messrs. Myles's ingenious method of treatment commended itself for its mechanical principle, so that when he thought it necessary he would himself adopt should be used in other than transverse fractures. When the catarrhal process upon which the cough depends has continued too long and we desire to bring it to an end, we may stimulate the sluggishness of the membrane by sanguinarine or rhus toxicoden dron; or, if secretion is very free, use alone In all cases we employ a single remedy to meet a single indication, there being just enough variation in the members of the groups mentioned to render one more suitable than the other in any particular case. There is produced a material which is regarded as tubercular. Sequirey, there were patients on the waiting list who were imable to receive treatment. We hope that the object of this organization will be to stop"tinkering" and get to the bottom of things. It is best not to tie the patient if it can be helped, but it is far better to fasten the patient to the bed with a sheet than to haA'e three or four men holding him. After a week of artificial sleep the patient probably will sleep naturally. There is the obtainable skill of the sanitarian and physician. This'association is proud of its new president, and we predict all kinds of prosperity during his administration." public spirit and admiration of the subject of the portrait, and of Dr. Fully two-thirds of the number of ordinary surgeons use thirty to forty, and his cures are of course nearly, if not quite, universal and painless. After trying Sayre's jacket and seeing the results obtained by other surgeons who have applied that treatment, II. Regarding the case he presented in his report.

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