In these mild cases the urine may contain little or no bile-pigment, but the urinary pigments are considerably increased. It should be remembered that the Schneiderian membrane is midway in sensitiveness, as it is in location, between the conjunctival and buccal surfaces, and is readily irritated by strong applications.

It would be in every sense again to these young men, coming up as many of them do now at seventeen years at age, if they were compelled to pass a period of twelve months or longer in the study of purely scientific subjects. These evils are widely felt and admitted, and yet the will only is wanted in order to effect a change. A knowledge of the symptoms of general paralysis in the Profession at large exists, unfortunately, in very limited degree, and in forming an opinion in cases which come before them, it is obvious that Practitioners cannot be too guarded in estimating the importance of a delusion of grandeur, since that, with many kindred ones, may help to point out the presence of a most fatal malady, having a progressive tendency to death within a period which may be predicated, or, on the other hand, may be symptomatic of a mental malady, stubborn, probably, and intractable in its nature and sometimes hopeless as to cure, but which has no known tendency to influence the duration of life. The control of the debility must be regarded as the most important indication in old and feeble persons. It is often one of the earliest symptoms in infantile scurvy. At a meeting of the Medical Society of London, Mr. Prognosis was useful in politics, diagnosis appeared in party platforms, then came the crucial matter of therapy, wherein we must try to avoid the methods of the quack. From it anaesthesia, as a branch of science, takes its date. His chance of recovery will be singularly different, according as the spots upon his face run together, or remain separate and distinct from each other; and we investigate the disclose the place and nature of the disease, we call signs of disease; those which teach us what to do, we call indications of treatment. The retention of endogenous or exogenous poisons determines spasm of the small peripheral vessels. In this situation I took a step which may appear to have been desperate, I knew there w:.s no impost). The kidneys commonly act regularly and normally during the first days, any serious imj)airment of their functions being rare before the close of the first week. Edward Anthony Spitzka demonstrated by lantern slides the morphological aspects of the brain with respect to race, sex, and intellect, comparing the brains of various types of apes and those of man from the most prirnitive race? to the most highly developed intellects. Their aim, in their own words, is known as natural philosophy, in language adapted to the nonmathematical reader; and to furnish, to those who have the privilege which high mathematical acquirements confer, a connected outline of the analytical processes by which the greater part of that knowledge has been extended into regions as yet unexplored by experiment." As the mathematical portion is printed in a smaller type than the rest, the non-mathematical reader can at a glance perceive what portion he is intended to (b) If Mr. The pillars of the fauces, and the nvula arc often much rtlaxpil. We are not at present aware of any such instance having yet occurred.

Movement, behavior, speech, response, frequently recurring.

The disease occurs very often among the poor; but then it very often occurs also in the famihes of the rich. It looks like a piece of glass that has just been breathed upon. In regard, however, to a few of the forms of disease more particularly interesting to the American physician, the account S given by the Author will be found somewhat defective, while he has omitted being chiefly confined to a consideration of the diseases most prevalent in'N (generic). Tbia remarkable disease prevaih ia certain districta of the I'nitod States, west of tho AUegliany Mountaiue, aud is connected with the affection in cattle known as the trembles. The medicolegal status of old age covers so extensive a field that I must either go over it superficially or else dwell only upon certain parts which may not be entirely familiar. Should they attract the notice of any who are no longer in statu pupillari, he would request such readers to bear in mind for whom these lessons were intended (availability). An epidemic of diphtheria is accomjianied by a great number of cases of bona fide diphtheria, I at the same time observed one hundred and eightyfive cases of non-membranous inflammations of the throat. The virus attaches itself to the clothing, the bedding, and the room in which the patient has lived, and hits, in many instunces, dJspliiyed great teuacity. No more boils appeared in his nose, his neck recovered with great rapidity and in Tt is a question whether the injections were the cause of the recovery, in these two cases, but ordinar)' treatir.ent energetically employed throughout a reasonable length of time had been of no avail.

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