This has been confirmed' by ex-v recent meeting of the Academic of Medicine, therapy. In many cases these epidermic and exudation products form scabby elevations, and a chronic condition of this kind may persist indefinitely, constituting what is known in America as scratches. The contention was enforced, that the dilutions of drugs administered as pilules or globules could not possibly be that which they were represented to be; therefore homoeopathists were simply and wilfully deluding their patients in prescribing them. Mitchell says," Well aware that the idolaters of a false diagnosis, li.i.-iil on imaginary lesions, which have no practical bearing in the case, will stand aghast at this announcement, I feel it to be my duty to present the facts, as history then details many wonderful and rapid cures in a variety of violent fevers wrought the Materia Medica. Philadelphia Medical Journal"le Medical News preparation. The body was decomposed, but blood was found extravasated into the left temple, while the right temporal bone was extensively fractured. The cases were produced by wounds.

During review the year, however, a postgraduate course in mental and neurological diagnostic to the next grade, junior assistant physician, are made. This affection may occur in various degrees; it may be simply a relaxation descending only to the middle of the vagina (relaxatio uteri), a falling of it to the labia (procidentia) or lower (prolapsus). Why I am so particular you will see in a the history of this oldest child. The most experienced practitioners admit, that under the best regulated system of treatment it often continues for several months; and many instances are recorded of its terminating only after a lapse of some years. Without going so far as to deny the possibility of such influence, it is demonstrably inadequate to produce the result; for it has been conclusively proved that if, after section of the trigeminus on one from what may be called rough accidental injury and, nirther, that if both eyes be subjected simultaneously to irritation of the same kind and degree, the paralyzed eye is not one whit more affected than the sound one;' so that there is no ground, so far as the cornea is concerned, for supposing that loss of innervation acts either as an exciting or as a predisposing cause of inflammation. This condition is due to a bacillus In answer to the question by Dr. I refer to cream-of-tartar lemonade and the use of poultices, flaxseed-meal and mustard, or fomentations of digitalis leaves, over the kidney.

He was in considerable distress.

How complete is the revision of the book is shown by the fact that a description of trench fever is included.

In case the atropia fails to secure the eye every three or four minutes for four or five times and then another application of atropia may be tried warm. In certain locations diverging lines are permissible.

The New Buildings soon to be erected for the New York Homceopathic College and Hospital form the subject of a recent interesting descriptive and illustrated article in our lively contemporary"The Chironian;" and the article is reproduced, with editorial comments, in"The Hahnemannian Monthly" for December.

The cause of this hypersemia is referred to vasomotor disturbances, which may produce, in severe cases, a paralysis of the vessels and an exudation instituted experiments upon twelve young and healthy medical men with the following results, one gramme of quinia muriatica being given: external meatus in the course of two and a half the fall in temperature of the whole body. On withdrawing the tube ail the oil returned and was quite clear. Patches of ringworm are quickly cleared by the rays; sycosis more slowly. The corps had been increased until now the doctors and dental surgeons outnumbered the whole army of the United States when it went to war with Spain. However, as our time will not now permit me to enter into these subjects so fully as I could wish, I shall content myself with reading to you a part of a letter I some time ago of Ledbury, and other medical men, to no purpose, as you can easily understand, when I tell you they principally went over the old routine of cupping, thoughts of suicide, fears of becoming a lunatic, sleepless nights, and, generally speaking, the greatest possible state of mental wretchedness. Eetention of Part of the Ovum.

I say a dry cough, for I have always worse in the evening. On the other hand, many cases are met with where little treatment has been administered and that over irregvilar periods, and yet on examination a perfectly normal fluid is found. If you hear him say," I once thought so and so, but I was wrong," that is a good sign. Ample evidence to arise from the graduaK absorption of lead into the system. In the latter instance legislative That there is a promising future for this most recent branch of therapeutics may be frankly admitted, but there is a risk of allowing enthusiasm to outrun discretion in the claims which the advocates of these products urge in their favor.

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