Salol, for example, is given acid by means of the perchloride of iron test, which consists in adding tincture of iron chloride to the urine, when, if this acid is present, a purple color is obtained. I have seen in some cases premature labor. ECLECTIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF INDIANA.

The old paths of associations are' broken up, and memory is almost abolished; all liveliness of feeling is gone, and there is little or no interest in what is going on around; and the only momentary excitement which occurs is when fixed delusions are attacked. Now as in the act of yawning the mufcles of the paralytic limbs were excited into action by the flimulus of the irkfomenefs of a continued pofture, and not by any additional quantity of the fpirit of life; fo we may conclude, that the paffage of the electric fluid, which produced a fimilar effect, acted only as a flimulus, and not by fupplying any addition of fenforial power. Goshen, New Jersey Edward Daniel Sivak M.D. The exhaustion may be primary: a child, without any obvious cause, or perhaps in consequence of a slight catarrhal state or change of diet, loses its appetite, and therewith its flesh; becomes pale, languid, and restless; there are no distinct dyspeptic symptoms; the nurse fancies that the child is feverish; the pupils are large, and do not act very readily; a convulsion, or a series of fits, may occur no other of the symptoms of meningitis being present.

First, they are somewhat protracted, elimination being less rapid than absorption and the drug accumulating in the system, so that a patient can be kept under its influence continuously. Tri - a French instrument for measuring the i-apidity of the m.'s le'vers.

The author gives figufes illustrating the apparatus made for him for its performance.

The nervous system, the blood, the lungs, and the ganglionic system all bear evidence of the presence of the cholera miasm, and that it must come in contact with Neither may we loose sight of the fact that cholera has often been produced by what is styled the contagium psychicum.

Disciple of the doctrine of Monogeny, or of monocotyledonous plants, because they have but one surface of increase, which is central (pak). There is no necessity, however, for half the punishment which many a groom inflicts upon the horse in the act of dressing; and particularly on one whose skin is thin and sensible.

It shows the six incisors, or nippers; and the twelve molars, or grinders. Darwin "500" considers such movements to be a modified form of circumnutation. Indeed, the paralysis may be so localized in mild cases that only the extensor communis digitorum may be involved, so that the ring and little finger cannot be extended. The naturally great powers of absorption of the peritoneum are much diminished and it is unable to dispose of the inflammatory products: mg.

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