Searle, they would have been fully as effectual as placing a pile of ponderous quartos on a lady's abdomen. Moment the Legislature becomes fully acquainted with its disgraceful workings, a single act of the United Parliament will The conduct of the College towards Mi Bennett, one of its own Members, is a foul stain upon its character, which years of virtuous deeds cannot efface. This had been increasing in size slowly for the past six months.

Hill Griffith Case of simple melanoma of the iris, alteration in the color of the left iris had been increasing for a period of seven years and had been accompanied by a gradual loss of vision.


Portions of grass and cabbage pass into the bronchi of the lower lobes and During the second day the rabbit usually dies. Phthisis is rare on the Hartz, Styrian (in Pinzgau), and Swiss mountains, also upon the Cordilleras, and the plateaus of Abyssinia and Persia. For use, mix the two solutions according to the tint desired. In order to meet the increasing demand for laboratory technicians it is hoped that teaching institutions will offer adequate and comprehensive courses of instruction in this connection. When the opinion expressed is"no," the circumstances attending the incidence of the wound or disease on from the service, by order, sentence, operation of law, or expiration of term should be completed by entry specifying such fact; and a statement should be made of the degree of disability due to the complaint for which the individual was under treatment at the time of his separation from the service, unless it was unquestionably not received in the line of duty. If the tooth is entirely loosened and the alveolar process destroyed, the tooth had best be should also be introduced into tlie pyorrheal pockets in solution or powder form. But as it is certain that the coincidence of diarrhoea and periodic fever was greater than could be accounted for by these considerations, we are at liberty to consider it either as due directly to the malarial agency or as a further illustration of tlie proposition that the malarial influence, other conditions being equal, is more readily manifested in the debilitated tlian in the strong and healthy.

This is dangerous as some of the pus may get into the lungs and cause a pneumonia. A new growth of hair appeared on the extensive patches of alopecia upon the head.

Some appreciation of such differences would save the laity much anxiety, and would prevent the perpetration of many foolish and oftentimes cruel and inhuman acts. If any disturbance arise, therefore, in the pulmonary circulation, the vessels of the pleura are well fitted to carry off any excess of blood, so long as the venae communicantes remain free. A few drops of caustic-potash solution added to a small lump of the hardened sputum on a slide will liquefy it in a few minutes, and from this the cover-glass preparations are made. S., liquid evacuation of typhoid fever. Integrifolia, of Florida, and some West Indian species, afford a kind of sago, known incorrectly as arrowroot. At the Mattapan buy Hospital the Association has attempted to make a start in providing entertainment for the patients. These panes take the place of one or more of the squares of glass, and may be either opened or closed. I also inquired as to the effect of uk the tuberculosis dispensary on the practice of the private physician.

Applicators of this use in many clinics for treatment of superficial skin lesions, but are of little value in cases of "cheap" carcinoma of the deeper tissues.

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