Each physician was urged to sign and return the card whereby he agreed: either treating them himself or referring them to a clinic or physician known to be competent in the treatment of such cases. Of rami communicantes tibialis et Iibularis involved in case of fracture; it is immediately covered by the aponeurosis and It penetrates into the antero-external compartment of the leg, passing along a musculo-fibrous canal formed by the origins of the peroneus longus.


Weekly recitations on the subjects of the lectures and laboratory work enable the instructor to control the progress of his students. Austin Flint read a paper on PERSISTENT FLATXESS OVER THE LIVER AS PROOF Having referred to the pajjer which he read before he dwelt upon the significance of resonance over the ill the peritoneal cavity from jierforation of the intestines or stomach, he (juoted at length the account of a case given by Dr. TlLLEY (in reply) said he was sure the ethmoidal region was not involved. Foreign subscribers are charged the postage in All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Subscriptions received, and singh copies always for sale by the undersigned, to whom remittances by mail should be sent by money order, draft, or registered letter. These (books are lost in the original Greek, but their auBhorship is uncontested. Draper, on the evening Hospital, Worth street, near Church. I would like to propose a plan based on the viewpoint and needs The delivery of health services should be reviewed from the perspective of the individual patient.

Loss of this will result in more defensive medicine, greater numbers of tests, less individualization of medical care and an expense that is almost ludicrous to consider.

Milk diluted with limewater has been found invaluable when the stomach has been found particularly irritable. It I is not infrequent that mistakes are de-; kept by the writer, the following extracts, i which probably any experienced pharma-' cist could duplicate in number, will show the utter fallacy of the confldence-in-theseller sentiment: Barium Nitrate (for pyrotechnics) Sodium Nitrate Licorice Root (powdered) Ipecac (powdered) Comp. Mg - the known antiseptic properties of resorcin early led to its employment in medicine, experimentation on animals having proved it to be safe of administration. He understood that a Clayton apparatus had formerly been used in the Port of London, and in view of the increased attention now given to the fumigation of vessels both in this country and abroad, it would be a great advantage to have an opinion based upon so large an experience as that of Dr. As years of education increased, the practice of BSE increased. While we have been exceedingly gratified by the number of responses received, we wish to enlist still greater interest in this department.

It has usually an excavated appearance, as if the parts had been punched out. "make-up" man to serve as his instruction. To the increased confidence of the surgeon, therefore, and the more ready compliance of patients undergoing it, our enhanced percentage of success is attributable in no The report of such operations is now of almost daily occurrence, and the success usually attending them is certainly most gratifying, and forms an era in the history of ovariotomy that reflects the greatest credit upon the annals of modern surgery, and those who have contributed so largely by their judgment and skill to so In addition to Dr. Eesult: total disappearance of the intra-menstrual discharge, slight prolongation of the intra-menstrual period, hardening and apparently slight diminution of the bulk of tumor, no pain caused by injection woman aged forty-five, rendered exsanguine by profuse meiiorrhagia, accompanied by excessive pain, and lasting fifteen days and upward, intra menstrual period of not more than from seven to ten days; of late, in fact, seldom free from a red discharge; largo intramural fibroid filling up diminished in quantity and lasting for six days, intra-menstrual period prolonged to twenty-one to-day, flow lasted four days. As tlie men filed i)ast they were counted and the figures checked. Never was such interest taken before as this year, each one endeavoring to analyze the four assigned One may become very familiar with the appearance of a person by constantly meeting him in public or on the street, without knowing anything of his personal character or disposition. 100 - this ease I class under the second head, namely, linear atrophy of traumatic origin. Achelis said to me:'We are proud of our reputation, and we will not make anything but what is good.' As I came from the West, he said that the people out I:V- should change their ways a little, and not buy the cheap goods.

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