Hesp yip )?am miclan bee eolone silverweed, pound them, then boil them in butter, add a trifle of salt. Rest and food, aided by the use of remedies for stimulating nutrition. By compression of the carotid upon the affected opposite side. In the unquestioned first place, when that fever is an excess of temperature such as occurs in thermic fever, or what is commonly known by"sunstroke," then the only one remedy is hydro-therapy.

It may be of interest to report a knee that was proved to be neurofibroma. The breathing spell due to the War, will not last long.

We used to call it acute intestinaL obstruction, and we believed that patients died of that, but instead some died of acute dilatation. The greater severity of the effects leads to more disturbance of the functions connected with nutrition, and the course of the disease is shorter than in simple obstruction or simple regurgitation. And so every means that we may have of making an early diagnosis of tuberculosis is well worth while. I did not have any opportunity to give the drug a number of cases will aid us in our efforts to alleviate pain and and all this in a way that has heretofore been impossible. About half the cases occurring in the Third District originated on shipboard; and it is worthy of special remark that disinfection here utterly failed to check the progress of the were treated in the same manner as infected houses; but fresh cases occurred on the same ships even after the process of disinfection;" and it appears from other statements that cases continued to occur in this way in ships in which disinfection with carbolic acid had been several times repeated. The patient was still very pale and heart, was appreciably enlarged, there was gallop rhythm, no murmurs to be heard.

One is the fact that from the multifarious character of the disease and the various degenerations and connections it has made statistics are verv hard to establish.

Schaaf, president of the Medical-Surgical Plan, pointed out that there has been widespread public acceptance of the plan. The diabetic patient is put to bed without food. Wangensteen, there has been sufficient time for many competent men to make their own decisions as to its value. Permanent localised dilatations of the bronchial tubes. Seeking Oelwein city council approval for construction of medical offices near the hospital there.

A discussion of some interest followed, and was opened by Dr. Much better results are obtained by rei)eating the remedies at short intervals in comparatively small doses than by giving of ergotin: effects. It became swollen, tender and bluish, and an abscess developed and drained into the nasal cavity. It seems more reasonable to preserve the function of menstruation and the effect of properly balanced hormones, if possible, in a woman of this class, in spite of the chance of a subsequent operation, than to sacrifice all at the first In resection of ovaries in such cases, there must be great care to preserve the normal circulation and avoid constriction, which leaves the ovary prone to further cystic degeneration. The adulterer has counted confidently on the gravelike silence of the physician, to whom he brings his case of venereal, knowing that, however base the relation which he purposes to sustain toward his trusting spouse, however reckless concerning the welfare of his possible progeny, and however frank in his expression of brutality in both these regards, the doctor may be depended upon to shield him by giving no warning to the party who is in such peril of wreck and disgrace. Gastric suction had been continued throughout the entire hospital course. We have long since looked upon the process of refrigeration as impracticable, as a means of disinfection. The sperm cell, although it is produced by an organ descended from the germ epithelium of the ovum, is not a simple continuation of it, but it is formed from time to time under certain stimuli, and the quality of it depends on the health and condition of the individual at the time at which it is formed. Active hyperemia is induced by the use of super-heated, dry air, introduced into a receptacle into which the infected part is enclosed. Inflammation of the nerve-fibres may follow direct injury, disease of neighboring parts by extension (as in suppurative processes), exposure to cold, and is frequently due to toxic agents. The chemical nature of the inductor tissue has been studied in detail and found to be ribonucleoprotein in nature. In the more severe attacks the ground undulates or rises or sinks; houses move; hills, trees, and rocks slant hither and thither; and in some instances the whole landscape inverts itself and hangs above the head, threatening ruin.

This may take almost any form, and may be simply an exaggeration of a normal feeling or may arise de novo (zytenz).

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