There was no better student of penatropin clinical medicine in those days than Benjamin Rush, who held the chair of the Practice of Medicine and of unusual faculty and patience to set down the minute details of cases as they came under observation.

As far as possible, ophthalmologists are kept in ignorance of the group to which the child under examination belongs. Yet, if the case called for a pedicle, that was done. Introduced by the AMS Medical Student Section WHEREAS, medical training is a unique educational experience that can only be fully appreciated by those who have pursued the same endeavor; and WHEREAS, opportunities for interaction between student and physician members of the Arkansas Medical Society are limited outside the academic centers; and WHEREAS, the private practice of medicine has concerns that are not presented in a teaching hospital; and WHEREAS, despite few formal studies directly addressing this issue, it is widely accepted among members of the health care community that mentoring relationships provide a unique and beneficial resource to young professionals developing the characteristics RESOLVED, that the Arkansas Medical Society Council in cooperation with the Medical Student Section establish a mentoring program designed to provide individual interaction between physician members and UAMS medical students.


Some years ago, at a meeting of the American Gynecological Society, a distinguished obstetrical authority had the statement that any physician who did nol duty, lie did hoi express any positive opinion in regard to the matter at that time; but he hesitated to accept this dictum as correct, and at the present time he was still less inclined to acquiesce in its sentiment.

Regular meetings were instituted between the chief of the Nursing Department and the Red Cross chairman to review existing services and exploifenew ones to provide better patient services. If the patients have some uremic symptoms and more or less edema, it would seem as though operation might fairly be done, provided proper medical means have failed to benefit essentially the conditions existing; but so long as a patient with chronic Bright's disease is comfortable and is excreting a proper amount of solids he should be let alone until such time as, in spite of his physician's efforts, his disease is making evident progress and his heart is being gradually called upon for more than it can accomplish. In several others which I have seen an exploration had been done, the nodule being regarded as a tumor about the pylorus. We take this opportunity to give him the"glad hand" and wish him many years more of hard work and perfect happiness. The right lobe of liver was enlarged and projected several inches below the costal margin. All sciences have facets which support the stones of medicine. Patient was treated by rubbing the knees with liniment and he was given extra diet. At the autopsy the middle of the common bile-duct was contracted by an indurated mass, through which a probe could be passed (zytenz). By means of nuclear staining their existence is generally proved. Francis Hare (London, England) was led to try dilative influence of the drug upon the peripheral systemic arterioles would cause fall of blood pressure in the aorta, left ventricle, left auricle and ultimately in the pulmonary arterioles. Pulmonary orifice admits three fingers, two and a half times as large as the aortic opening. Any attempt to go from very light to a hght exercise brought on symptoms more violent than before.

Achromycin is more stable and produces fewer side effects than certain other broadspectrum antibiotics. Professor of Pathology in the University of Pennsylvania. If no complications foHowed, the second stage was to be undertaken in a few days with a view of closing the arteriovenous fistula and curing the aneurysm. They feel as if they were Ankles: Both are somewhat stiff and swell at night, but there is no pain and no apparent deformity. Surgical practice are the causative agents in producing puerperal complications, and are only successfully combated by the employment of stringent aseptic and antiseptic technic. Obtained with extremely light percussion." formerly professor of materia medica and therapeutics at the University of Michigan, has left this country to accept a similar chair in the University of Medicine in London. He is not able to work every day.

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