But if I know, that a plethoric perfon will undergo violent exercife in very hot weather, drink too plentifully of rich wines, or be put into a violent and vs fudden fit of anger, I can forefee a future apoplexy in fuch a cafe. Many physicians look ujion perforation of the pericardium as one of the'dreaded realities,' and it may be within keeping of this paper to state how the operation may easily be done. Marie has found it usually diminished or absent and Maude has made a similar observation in nearly all severe cases of the disease. We shall preserve this distribution; not that it is so philosophic, but because the greater part of writers whose labors we must examine have followed it, I will make only one prefatory remark, the truth of which will stand out more and more in the course of this history; it is, that a scientific classification is nothing else than an artificial arrangement of the facts and ideas that constitute a science.

Malgaigne esteems this critic too severe; but he does not show himself very indulgent in regard to a man who dishonored his ecclesiastical character, and his character of physician, by the juggleries of the most impudent charlatanism; of a man who took pleasure in displaying the shame of his most illicit gains. Should there be at the same time any unnatural projection of the spinous processes, the If from a collection of matter upon the psoas muscle, unconnected with spinal disease, the pain will be continued, dull, and deepseated, extending from the loins down the psoae, or in whatever direction the matter may have taken its course. Myomata and Fibromyomata arise from the muscular coat, are usually Lipomata and Angeiomata also occur, but are rare. The test of the paper plainly stated that he did not claim that the only cause of insanity in the cases cited was defective ovarian development. The student to be urged, if not required, to make a special study, before taking his degree, of some one specific dis ease, together with the advancement of science in it and the new The study of meat inspection means the application of pathological and bacteriological knowledge to the meat trade with the object of preventing disease in man. Further research will doubtless enable us to recognise various pathologically distinct varieties of primary degeneration.


Oppler stated that Frerichs' second and third inductions were incorrect, and that the theory based on them was therefore groundJess. Kolb has in five cases found long, motionless bacilli with rounded, ends, closely resembling Letzerich's bacillus, if not identical with it, the cultures of which injected in animals produced purpura: in these purpuric spots large numbers of these bacilli were found. Hence in the end the difficulty is due in great part to a mechanical cause. In the latter he recommends a double strong hempen ligature around the peduncle, which is then allowed to drop back into the cavity of the abdomen, leaving the ligature through the lower Now we think that many of the points involved in this operation are yet undecided, but we think that the results of Tyler Smith, Clay, Peaslee, Spencer Wells himself, and others, in operations where the ligature has been returned within the abdomen, are not fully set forth in Dr.

The preparations which, in his opinion, were the most beneficial in anremia of children were the lactate, the tincture of the pomate, the pyrophosphate, the subcarbonate, and the tincture of the chloride. " To me," he says," hysteria is a neurosis of the brain, the symptoms of which consist in perturbation of the vital acts which serve to manifest the affections and the passions." This conception is an advance towards the theory by which hysteria is regarded as a cerebral disease, a disorder of the mind. Price led a discussion on azoturia. Yes, the theory of irritation is a reflection of the physological ideas of its author; the theory of incitation oiFers us an image of the ideas of Brown on the functions of the animal economy; the theory of Animism is a consequence of the manner in which Stahl conceived life to exist; the theory of four elements and four humors, represents the intimate play of the organs of the living body, as men figured them to exist in the one of them is a deduction of some physiological idea. It may be added to milk soups or other liquids to increase the food value without appreciably altering the flavour. There is first the sudden attack peculiar to hemorrhage into the pancreas. Eut however latent and effectual that caufe may virectin be, upon a change of the will it is immediately removed. The clinical features of delirium tremens are so striking that it can be but very rarely mistaken for any other disease. Within three mouths I have had as patient a lady, eighty years of age, with this same effect.

Soon after, deglutition became difficult, and later still the movements of the lips began to be slow and uncertain.

From the reports of institutions for the insane we make a few extracts in regard to the use of chloral:" Dr. Neither began to revive until the prejudice which opposed anatomical dissections, and which prevented physicians from practising surgery, began to abate.

The following deutero-albumose prepared by digestion (Matthes and Krehl), organic extracts, spermin, and substances allied to albumose (Goldscheider and Jakob), yeast nuclein and nucleic acid obtained from yeast (Vaughan, M. Here is what he wrote to Politien, in the letter we have just cited:"I had proposed to respond, by simple missive, not by a book, to the reasons that you alledge to justify Pliny in having confounded the ivy with the rock-rose, not being willing to make public my literary discussions with a man who is my intimate friend, and whom I honor from the bottom of my heart; but the matter requires more ample developments II. If, on the other hand, we discover some evidence of disease, such as grating, we can be quite sure that disease is present.

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